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Give your event some Victorian, Vaudeville or Roaring Twenties excitement and book Allin Kempthorne as a vintage Magician, Juggler or Balloon Modeller for your corporate event, shopping centre, street festival or promotional event.

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The art of balloon twisting started at carnivals and circuses across New York and Pennsylvania in the 1920's and 30's. Allin Kempthorne recreates that old time excitement yet gives it a modern vibrant spash as a colourfully dressed old time showman making intricate balloon models for children and adults alike.

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A skilled and captivating magician with amazing magic tricks, an engaging and entertaining personality and a smart and visually striking vintage costume ideal for Victorian or 1920's themed parties, venues and events, Allin Kempthorne performs as a multi-skilled Victorian magician and showman. He is a member of The International Magicians Society and a captivating and involving walkabout performer for fairgrounds and festivals, Victorian themed events and strolling corporate or street entertainment.

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As made famous on

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As made famous by his newspaper feature grabbing performance on the TV show "Britain's Got Talent", Allin Kempthorne as Professor Strange is deliciously colourful and quirky in his Victorian Steampunk attire and a bright, lively and captivating performer for any event.
The juggler, magician and all-round trickster performs lively magic stage shows, walkabout entertainment, close-up magic, juggling, balloon modelling and event hosting and compering, and is therefore an exceedingly adaptable and versatile performer for any event.

Book Professor Strange, the colourful character from Britain's Got Talent, for any vaudeville, vintage, Victorian, circus or old time show event, or for any family festival or event.

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Authentic Victorian Juggling, Balancing Tricks, Magic and Knockabout Comedy are all performed with a delightful Victorian elegance and verbal dexterity that makes Allin Kempthorne, Strolling Victorian Juggler a much in demand walkabout act for shopping centres, theme parks and corporate events.

Allin Kempthorne, Strolling Victorian Juggler, is an ideal performer for Victorian themed events, roaring 20's events and strolling street entertainment.

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The amusing MR ALLIN KEMPTHORNE performs for you as

The Health and Safety Officer on the Titanic!

Meet Midshipman Arnold Poop-Decker, the amusingly inept Health and Safety Officer from the HMS Titanic!
With a bright and roaring 1920s spirit, this jovial sailor will keep your party afloat as he encourages your guests and visitors to keep the place ship-shape and under control, provoking fun and laughter as he blusters around your venue, party or event, creating way more mayhem than he can prevent. With a desire to be part of the Titanic's entertainment team, he's always ready to amaze and amuse with juggling, magic, balloon modelling and bursting into song, chiding all the passengers on the Titanic to join in with him and "have a thoroughly good time! After all, worse things happen at sea, what!"

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Allin Kempthorne's knowledge and genuine passion for the Vaudeville entertainers of the Victorian age lies behind the four part series "The First Stars of Vaudeville" which Allin wrote and presented for Wibbell Productions and is soon to be released on DVD.

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Allin Kempthorne is a popular and highly experienced street juggler, magician and balloon modeller who has thrilled audiences at corporate events, shopping centres, theme parks, street festivals and promotional events around the world including:

"Allin Kempthorne was absolutely brilliant. I would recommend him to anyone."
Events Manager. Somerfield Stores

"That was absolutely magical!"
Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden (Private party at her home)

"Just wanted to say what a fabulous job Allin did at our Christmas party yesterday. He entertained everyone with his juggling and balloon making and had everyone joining in with the fun. His character fitted perfectly with our themed evening. We would most definitely recommend him.
Debra Martin, Event Manager, EDF Energy, Bristol


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