Midshipman Arnold

The Health & Safety Officer from the Titanic!

A Mix and Mingle Comedy Entertainer Ideal for:

Roaring 20's or Victorian Themed Events

Nautical, Sailor and Boating Themed Events

Titanic Themed Events

Seaside Themed Events

Meet Midshipman Arnold Poop-Decker, the amusingly inept Health and Safety Officer from the HMS Titanic!

With a bright and roaring 1920s spirit, this jovial sailor will keep your party afloat as he encourages your guests and visitors to keep the place ship-shape and under control, provoking fun and laughter as he blusters around your venue, party or event, creating way more mayhem than he can prevent.

With a desire to be part of the Titanic's entertainment team, he's always ready to amaze and amuse with juggling, magic, balloon modelling and bursting into song, chiding all the passengers on the Titanic to join in with him and "have a thoroughly good time! After all, worse things happen at sea, what!"

Midshipman Arnold Poop-Decker is performed by multi-award winning comedy actor and magician Allin Kempthorne as featured on the television show Britain's Got Talent.

With over 20 years experience performing at events, parties, tourist attractions, fun days and festivals all over the UK and beyond, Allin has the experience, the skills and the know how to effortlessly keep your guests and visitors entertained.

Juggling, magic, balloon modelling and brilliant interactive comedy means he always has a trick up his sleeve, a joke on his lips and your guests in his sight!

For any Victorian, Nautical, Historical, Seaside, Roaring Twenties or Titanic themed party or event, book Allin Kempthorne as Midshipman Arnold Poop-Decker.

"Ah yes, the Titanic!
That went down rather well!"

An upbeat and lively comedy walkabout performer, ideal for nautical, seaside, Victorian or Roaring Twenties themed events.

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Hire comedy walkabout act Midshipman Arnold Poop-Decker. Magician, juggler, balloon modeller and interactive mix and mingle entertainer for roaring twenties, Titanic, seaside, victorian, nautical or historic themed parties and events across England, Scotland and Wales.