Are you having a Christmas party or family get together this Christmas Season on Zoom? If you are you need to invite the most important VIP, Mr. Santa Claus himself!

That's right, Santa Claus is available to join your Zoom meetings and online parties, or even host them himself.

Santa Claus on Zoom is absolutely perfect for:

Personal video calls with your children

Just imagine the look of joy, wonder and excitement on your children's faces when they get a special live Video Call directly from Santa Claus in the North Pole to talk just to THEM!

Family Christmas get togethers

If you're getting together with distant family over Zoom this Christmas you NEED Santa to pop up and say Hello. Of course you do. Whether you're adults or children it simply wouldn't be Christmas without him.
Santa is available for your Zoom meet-ups throughout December and even on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Santa in your Office Zoom Meeting

So it's nearly Christmas but you've got one last boring office meeting to get through. Liven things up with Santa joining in!

School, Scouts and Guides and childrens groups on Zoom

For any group of children meeting on Zoom in the run up to Christmas (or even Christmas Day itself) imagine the excitement when Santa turns up and joins in.

Personal Video Messages from Santa

If you don't want a live call, Santa is also able to record a special personal video message for your children.

We've made it ultra easy to book your live video call with Santa, or your specially recorded video message. We've set up a special Christmas website where you can check availability and make your booking. Go to

Children's Magic Shows and Christmas Parties on Zoom

If you'd like a big online children's Christmas party or a magic show we've got that covered for you too.
Have a look at The North Pole Magic Show with Gizmo the Magic Elf

We're based in the UK, but can offer our Santa video calls on Zoom, Personally recorded Santa video messages, and our North Pole Magic Show on Zoom to you wherever you are in the world.

We've already received orders this year from several different countries including the UK, USA, South Africa, Canada and France. Obviously demand is especially high with all the Covid restrictions pushing peoples party online, so our available spots are filling up fast. Go to to find out more or make a booking, or simply email us on our usual email address

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Live video calls with Santa Claus on Zoom, Live interactive children's Christmas parties and magic shows on Zoom, special personally recorded video messages from Santa sent to you. Christmas this year is online. Book now at