We've got to admit like many people and small businesses we don't update our NEWS page as often as perhaps we should.
We spend our days organising, rehearsing, performing, travelling and doing all the millions of tasks that busy performers do and fortunately we don't need to spend much time on our marketing as we're always in work and quite busy enough.

But when we've got something new to tell you we try to remember to put it on here!

So here's some updates for you:


With social distancing still in place all the cool events and parties this Christmas are happening on Zoom. And we're here to make them great with our special North Pole Magic Show plus of course video chats with the great man himself, Santa Claus!

We've set up a special Christmas Zoom entertainment website at


The Covid-19 Pandemic changed everything for the world of entertainment. It suddenly became impossible to gather together for parties and events, so entertainers were forced to either adapt or shut up shop and wait it out.

We're always up for a new challenge so we adapted, built an in-house online performance studio and quickly started developing entertainments that could be performed over online conferencing platforms such as Zoom or the new Facebook Rooms. With our many years experience working in television we were well placed to know how to turn live entertainment into screen based interactive online experiences where people can actively take part in magic shows, childrens story telling and all sorts of fun and games from the comfort and safety of their own homes, wherever they are in the country or even the world!

It's early days for this type of entertainment, but it's really caught the public's mood during lockdown, social distancing and the long slow climb back to normal It's a whole new world of entertainment that has a lot to offer and therefore looks set to stay even as the world returns to it's more active state.

We'll be adding more interactive online entertainment as time goes by, both for children's entertainment and for families and adults. If there's something you'd like to see do give us a shout and ask us.

Take a look at our range of interactive online childrens entertainment here.


Festivals, Holiday Parks and Entertainment Agencies keep asking us for a video of Allin Kempthorne performing as Professor Strange, but without our contact details on it, so they can send it to their clients or venues.
So here we go, your wish is our command.
If you click on the video it will take you to YouTube. You can share the link from there with anyone who's interested in hiring Professor Strange.

Find out more about Professor Strange


Yep, we've only gone and got ourselves a giant seven foot tall inflatable velicoraptor costume!
It's our biggest costume so far and as you'd expect makes quite an impact!
It works brilliantly with our other dinosaur themed entertainment such as dinosaur facepainting, dinosaur balloon modelling, dinosaur children's parties and our dinosaur ranger with his adorably cute puppet baby dinosaur.

Find out more about our


It seems the newapapers can't get enough of Allin Kempthorne as professor Strange following his appearance on Britain's Got Talent, with many articles, features and photographs about his performance on the show appearing in the countries top newspapers including The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Metro, The Sun and The Mirror.

Find out more about Professor Strange


So did you see Allin on ITV's Britain's Got Talent? If you missed it, maybe you were one of the 450,000 people who then watched the YouTube clip the following day!
Allin used the TV show to feature his quirky and colourful Victorian showman character Professor Strange, available as a family magic stage show, a close up magician or a walkabout juggler, magician and balloon modeller.
The Britain's Got Talent judges Amanda Holden, David Walliams, Aleisha Dixon and Simon Cowell didn't put him through to the finals. However Simon Cowell did say his son would like Professor Strange very much, and Amanda Holden even hired Allin for a private party.

Find out more about Professor Strange


We love it when festivals book us to perform in their foodcourt areas. While people are eating is the perfect time for entertainment. Juggling over their heads while they eat their chips or amazing them with magic halfway through a baguette always goes down well.
We've been adding more food related business to the circus and magic tricks and our general chef related buffonery.

Find out more about The Crazy Chefs


We keep being asked for videos of us working. But of course at every booking our minds are very much on entertaining the guests, rather than filming ourselves. However we were recently lucky enough to be able to film Allin performing some of his close up magic sets at Illusions Magic Bar.
So now you get to see a taste of Allin's lively audience-pleasing style as a close-up magician.
Enjoy the video.

See all the magic acts Allin performs here


Yep, 300. That's what comes of spending two decades working as multi-skilled performers for agents and clients who are always getting weird requests for themed parties and events.
OF course, constantly creating new looks and costumes means that keeping agents and clients updated with everything we do becomes quite a task. So we suggest you just assume that we do "everything" costume and theme wise, and that we can fit our skills to match.
Our major skills are: Allin is a magician, juggler, balloon modeller and character actor, while Pamela is a tarot reader, palmist and graphologist for grown up events, and a balloon modeller, facepainter and character actress for the kids.
So that's a lot of ground we cover between us.

Just have a look at our ALL OUR ACTS page to see everything in a handy A-Z listing we know you're going to find useful!


When an agent asked if we had anything to fit a "Lost in Space" themed party they were over the moon with our crazy alien characters Quixie and Quol, the Space Tourists.
We had a great time mixing with their guests, juggling and balloon modelling for all ages.
We know that "Space" is a pretty hard theme to find entertainers for, so next time you get stumped with this one remember that The Kempthornes have costumes and acts for pretty much every theme going. Just ask us!

Find out more about The Space Tourists.


There's a lot to be said about the life of an entertainer and one of the great aspects of performing for a living is the great people you get to meet.
Allin works a lot at sea performing his magic shows on various ships. There's a real sense of comerarderie between the entertainment team onboard a ships and Allin would like to thank and aknowledge all the great singers, musicians, dancers, jugglers, magicians, entertainment hosts and of course entertainment managers that he gets to work with out on the ocean wave.

We provide entertainers for parties, events, shows,
festivals and promotions all over the UK and beyond.

Pamela Kempthorne and Allin Kempthorne are Kempthorne Entertainments. Give us a shout if you're looking for a magician, juggler, children's entertasiner, graphologist, palm reader, facepainter, bubble entertainer, stage show, circus show. magic show, balloon modeller, walkabout entertainer, periphery entertainer or any other circus or magic themed act for a shopping centre, theme park, private party, business event, trade show, media event, childrens party or any party, venue or event across England and Wales.