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Dinosaur themed entertainment
for your party or event

We have several dino-tastic ideas for your dinosaur themed party or event, from a seven foot tall walking Velociraptor to dinosaur themed childrens storytelling, balloon modelling or puppeting with our Dinosaur Safari Ranger.
Whether you're organising a giant festival, shopping centre entertainment, a corporate event or a child's birthday party, we've got the entertainment for you right here.

Giant Walkabout Velociraptor

How awesome would it be to have a giant dinosaur stalking around your event, towering over your guests?

Our seven foot tall Velociraptor is an actor inside an inflatable dinosaur, meaning it's an easy and affordable alternative to the expensive animatronic dinosaurs available from other suppliers.

Paired with our witty and entertaining dinosaur safari guide this is a fun and exciting walkabout entertainment and a good impact for your budget.

The Baby Dinosaur

Our adorably cute and mischievous baby dinosaur is always a hit. Our witty dinosaur safari ranger will carry him around to see that everyone gets to pet him and keep him from getting in too much trouble!

Dinosaur Safari Ranger

Our Dinosaur Safari Ranger is an ideal host for your dinosaur event.

Witty, engaging and interactive he is available for
- Children's dinosaur storytelling
- Dinosaur balloon modelling
- Dinosaur puppeting with the baby dinosaur
- Hosting dinosaur themed childrens events and parties
- Dinosaur themed party games

Dinosaur Balloon Models

Our balloon modellers are adept at making dinosaurs, prehistoric flowers and all manner of other animals and designs.



Send us an email to tell us about your event or party with the date and location,
and we'll get right back to you with some suggestions and prices.



We provide entertainers for events, parties, shows and promotions all over the UK and beyond.

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