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Originally trained in mime and mask at The Circus Space in London (now known as The National Centre for Circus Arts) Allin Kempthorne has been working solidly as a mime artist, actor, juggler and magician for 30 years with far reaching experience across theatre, film and television, street performance, stage shows and interactive entertainment and also being featuree on the television show Britain's Got Talent.
With a wide skills base in performance arts he is a talented, energetic, creative and humorous performer.

Walkabout, Festival and Street Performance

Allin Kempthorne can bring any space to life. For nearly 30 years he has solidly performed at an eclectic variety of festivals, shopping centres, town centre events, fundays, theme parks and tourist attractions. His skills in interactive performance and fast thinking humour will excite and entice any crowd. He has a number of stock characters inwhich he performs and is also able to create and perform lively street entertainment as bespoke characters and themes to your own event or venues theme.
The beauty of a mime performer is that there is no language barrier, which makes this interactive entertainment suitable for any International event.


A traditional white-faced mime character performing silent, physical theatre, lively classic comedy skits, mime routines and audience participation set to music.
Perfect for festivals, themed events, corporate functions and very popular with Paris or French themed parties and events.


This riotous comedy chef character dressed in food splattered chef costume and brandishing spatulas, frying pans and egg whisks will bring your food festival, food court, event or party to full and crazy life. The crazy chef performs juggling tricks with food and kitchen tools, magic tricks with forks and spoons, lively balloon modelling, crazy clowning and slapstick comedy, plate spinning tricks and crazy food and kitchen themed stunts. The Crazy Chef is also avaialble as part of a double act for twice the impact! FIND OUT MORE HERE!


A colourful and traditional circus clown with the whole giant shoes, red nose and baggy pants. Sparky the clown has a hilarious repertoir of comedy skits and interactive comedy performance which encompases the arts of mime, clowning, juggling, conjuring and balloon modelling to make for a truly versatile performance ideal for large family or children's events.


A colourful and funny character reminiscent of the science fiction TV shows of the 1960s such as Star Trek and The Forbidden Planet, Quol the Alien is a hilariously naive tourist from outer space. He is fascinated by humans and wants to study them, copy them, learn from them and interact with them, with hilarious crowd building results! Quol is also avaialble with his fellow space tourist Quixie, twice the comedy aliens, twice the impact! FIND OUT MORE HERE!


In a gloriously gothic Edwardian costume in ghostly white the Giggling Ghost inhabits your event or venue, lurking in dark corners, haunting your corridors and scaring the life out of your guests in a wickedly evil way. His movements are slow, unreal and very, very creepy. He's really unsettling! Make no bones about it, The Giggling Ghost is one really creepy Halloween or haunted house entertainer. FIND OUT MORE HERE!


A colourful and comical robotic mime character for meet and greet or walkabout environments, as featured on the popular children's TV show "Blue Peter". Very popular with shopping centres he interacts in humorous ways, mimicking people in their movements, and often freezing, manequin-like outside a shop, waiting to surprise an unsuspecting passer by. FIND OUT MORE HERE!


An engaging and lively mix of magic, mime, juggling, balloon modlling and inventive audience interaction from a master of the artform. See the video below.

Film and Television

Allin Kempthorne trained at the Circus Space circus school in many performance disciplines including juggling, unicycling, mask and mime, clowning, character work and object manipulation. He followed this with a more conventional drama training at The Method Studio in London, plus extensive private tuition in Magic and Conjuring at the Las Vegas McBride's Magic and Mystery School.
This unique mix of training and experience means Allin is much in demand for his circus, magic and mime skills in film, commercials and TV productions, as an actor and performer in his own right, plus also doubling for other actors when a scene demands the character to use such skills.

Here's a few of the film and television productions you may have seen him in.


Allin was featured on the hit ITV show Britain's Got Talent in 2018.

Allin played a bear in a popular 1990s TV beer commercial.

Allin played a clown performing juggling and magic tricks for a children's party storyline on Eastenders.

Allin played a human statue street performer. That's him dressed in white on the left of the screen.

As a street juggler in the BBC comedy drama.

Allin featured as a traditional mime street performer in this short film.

Allin played a clown in the one-off election day shutdown program for the TV channel E4.

Allin played a traditional mime artist in a humurous episode of this long running BBC drama.


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