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You've had magicians. You've had charicaturists.
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Entertaining and involving handwriting analysis for corporate events,
after dinner entertainment, private parties and corporate consultations.

Donald Trump
optimistic, secretive,
acts impulsively
David Bowie
thoughtful, self critical,
great communicator
Albert Einstein
scientific, quirky,
deep thinker
J K Rowling
expressive, imaginative,

Graphology! It's a unique, fascinating and hugely involving entertainment for an event or party. Book one or two of our graphologists and they will amaze all as they wander amongst your guests, using short samples of your guests own handwriting to unlock the entertaining secrets of who they are and what makes them tick.

Our graphology readings are quick, punchy, entertaining and highly involving, perfectly designed for a party situation. Our graphologists are great for mingling at a drinks reception or a trade stall, or visiting tables at a dinner function, asking individuals and small groups to write a single sentence, which our graphologists will then use to show them the character traits and secrets their handwriting reveals.

There's no other entertainment quite like it. It's a science, yet it feels like mind reading! And it's beautifully involving!

Amaze your guests with this jaw dropping, entertaining and unique entertainment.

Entertaining and Informative Handwriting Analysis for:

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- Corporate Events -
- Trade Shows -
- Private Parties -
- Ice Breakers -
- Drinks Receptions -
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Meet our experienced and entertaining Graphologists


Allin met his graphology teacher 25 years ago, went on to marry her and has himself been a practising graphologist for five years.

With his background as a magician he already had numerous skills to mingle, entertain and thrill at corporate events and parties, but with a deep fascination for studying graphology he now had a new skill to wow an audience with carefully chosen and highly entertaining insights into their personalities, drives and the very essence of what makes them tick!

Allin has entertained and thrilled with graphology readings at parties and events all across the UK and also undertakes private readings and consultations.

He is also available in Victorian costume for Victorian themed events.


Pamela has been fascinated by the study of graphology since she was a child, and has studied the subject in great detail.

She offers her knowledge and expertise in decoding the secrets of handwriting in a fascinatingly entertaining way as a graphologist at corporate functions, hospitality events and private parties.

Pamela has entertained the guests at many corporate events, exhibitions, trade shows and private parties for over 10 years, for events including dinner parties, corporate events, private gatherings, media events and in venues as exciting and high-end as Kensington Palace, the Houses of Parliament and even at the offices of Google!
Graphology is a fascinating, involving and unique entertainment for dinners, parties and drinks receptions.

Our previous clients and venues include:
The Shard, Google, The Houses of Parliament,
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the MV Columbus
and many private parties and corporate events.

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