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A truly captivating children's storyteller

Allin Kempthorne is a masterful children's storyteller.
A trained actor (who you may recognise from his many appearances on childrens TV) with 20 years experience as a high-end children's entertainer and magician, Allin has a natural charisma and captivating ability to engage the wonder and imagination of his young audiences.

With his inspiring sense of imagination, silly humour and captivating delivery he holds his young audiences spellbound from the start to the finish of every tale. Add to that a splattering of magic tricks, a quickly drawn cartoon or a balloon model of the central character and the children are completely hooked.

Allin is available to perform in many different costumes and characters to suit different themes and events and will create an impact with his own eyecatching themed backdrop, props, sound system and music too. Plus if you're holding an outdoor event he can set up in his own eye catching gazebo to really make that big impression.

Whatever your event or venue the children get a full immersive, interactive and captivatingly entertaining story experience, whether in the corner of a library, the malls of a shopping centre, or the middle of a festival field and whether a spooky Halloween tale, Christmas fun or whatever fits your events theme or message.

Have a look at some of the most popular options below or just email us and tell us your theme.


Gizmo is a masterful and captivating children's storyteller. His wild and crazy stories are illustrated with on-the-spot cartoons the audience helps him draw, and even a few surprise magic tricks may sneak their way into the stories too!


Shiver me timbers! Our lively Pirate Captain will regail the scallywags with his exciting swashbuckling tales of a pirate's life and adventures on the open seas.


Hocus Pocus and Abacadabra, Wizzall the magic Wizard is a masterful storyteller who along with his baby pet dragon will have his audience enchanted with his lively tales of magic and sorcery, with a few surprise magic tricks thrown in too! An ideal storytelling entertainer for Halloween, Harry Potter events or any event where you want some story telling magic!


Straight out of the pages of "Alice in Wonderland" comes the Mad Hatter, a captivating fool who engagingly weaves his tales of Cheshire Cats, the Queen of Hearts and a little girl called Alice.


Our dinosaur explorer and his adorable baby dinosaur will thrill the children with tales of his adventures exploring the lost world of the dinosaurs.


No one loves Christmas more than Flip Flop, Santa's naughtiest elf! When the air turns chilly and the tinsel appears on the trees, Flip Flop loves nothing more than sharing his stories of Santa's crazy adventures and life in the frozen North Pole.


Send us an email and tell us about your event, where you are and what dates you have in mind. We'll get right back to you with some prices and ideas that are perfect for you.

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Children's storyteller in themes including pirates, history, dinosaurs, Alice in Wonderland and more, for children's events, festivals, shopping centres and literary events in Bristol, Swindon, Bath, Somerset, Gloucester, The Cotswolds, London, Surrey, Berkshire, Devon, Cardiff, Swansea and across England and Wales.