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Pamela Kempthorne
Palmist & Tarot Card Reader

We are all fascinated by our futures.
Likewise we'd all love to understand more about ourselves and what makes us tick as individuals. Now imagine if you could give those valuable insights to your friends, guests, customers or colleagues in a truly involving and entertaining way. Think how special they'll feel coming away from your party or event with a new clarity to their own personal strengths and a better understanding of their own lives and personalities plus the direction their personal futures may take.

Pamela Kempthorne does just that.

For 20 years she has been in high demand as a palmist and tarot reader at corporate events, dinner parties, gatherings and events all around the country.

Upbeat, entertaining and involving and much more than just a "fortune teller" her wisdom, insights and skills at reading palms and tarot cards have bought excitement, clarity and wonder to people from all walks of life.

Pamela can work either as a walkabout entertainer or seated in a special area set aside for your guests to visit for private palm or tarot card readings. Depending on the style of your event she can keep things fast and entertaining, or more detailed and intimate.


Looking for something different, unique and highly memorable for your next event, party or trade show?
Delight your guests with their very own personal, entertaining and highly involving palm reading.

Palmistry is a fascinating and mystical science. The clues to a persons personality, hopes and dreams, drives and fears are all on show in the shape and lines of their hand. Pamela Kempthorne, Palm Reader can unlock that in an involving, fascinating and highly entertaining way, giving your guests a new clarity of mind and sense of their own strengths and character.


The mystery and history of the tarot cards have an almost magical pull. The 78 cards in the Tarot deck depict every shade and nuance of life including health, wealth, relationships, career, family, ambition and all the colour and subtely of a person's existance.

Pamela can provide in depth one-on-one readings, or faster entertaining insights to groups of friends and colleagues. Either way she brings your guests clarity of thought into their own lifes, hopes and struggles, all in an entertaining and upbeat way.


Adaptable for many types of parties and events Pamela can work in various ways:

Based at a table or in a booth Pamela can provide involving one-to-one palm or tarot readings that will spread excitement amongst your guests. Just look at the eager line of people she'll have waiting to see her, then see how thrilled, excited and energised they are on the way out! As a party or event orgaiser what more could you hope for?

Alternately Pamela can stroll around your venue chatting to your guests and offering on the spot readings and insights. Excited groups will form around her as a real buzz about the fortune teller spreads around your event.

However you wish to use her, Pamela Kempthorne's palm or tarot readings are a fascinating form of entertainment that creates a real sense of excitement at your party or event.

She is also available in a wide variety of costumes to suit many themes, from Mystical and Magical, to Halloween, or even Ancient Egyptian or Gothic Splendour.

A fortune telling witch for Halloween, Wizard and Witch or Harry Potter events and parties.

An exciting themed entertainer for 1960's or Summer of Love themed festivals and events.

Visit the Psychic
Pamela can bring ornaments and decorations to turn any area she works into a special fortune tellers booth.

Walkabout Fortunr Telling
Book Pamela Kempthorne as a strolling fortune teller to wander among your guests.

Fairy Princess
For magical and mystical events why not have a fortune telling fairy princess?

Pamela Kempthorne is available for:

Pamela has performed at high end events for companies and venues including Google, the Bank of America, Kensington Palace, The Shard, top law and finance companies and even The House of Commons! If you're having a themed event, Pamela will dress in the style of your theme. She has a large wardrobe of costumes including Witch, Gypsy, Hippie, Smart Dress, Gothic Mystic and Egyptian Princess.

For large scale family events such as a wedding, a 40th or 50th birthday or a retirement, Pamela is an extremely popular attraction at your party that will keep your guests buzzing with excitement.

Whether a few friends at home or a larger gathering in a restaurant or hotel, Tarot and Palm readings from Pamela will bring that extra magical excitement to your dinner party.

Fancy getting a few friends around to share a bottle of wine and have your Tarot cards read? It doesn't have to be a special occassion. Simply get some friends together and your indepth personal tarot card readings can become quite cost effective! Email us with your location, any date you have in mind and how many of you there are and she'll get right back to you with a price.

Pamela is available for hire as a Tarot, Palmistry or New Age consultant for TV and film to teach actors how to convincingly read tje Tarot or palms or advise on all aspects of psychic divination. She has herself appeared on television a number of times.

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