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Hire one of our Creepy

We have TWO versions of our spooky Two-Headed Gothic mime performer
to choose from for your next Horror or Halloween event.

(The Family Friendly One)
Resplendant in his colourful Edwardian livelry, Lord Two-Head is a bewildered and bumbling genteel monster-about-town. Part steampunk, part Gothic Horror and part cartoon, he's a lively character ideal for Shopping Centres and Theme Parks.

Lord Two-Head interacts with the public in playfull and amusing ways, causing an excited stir wherever he wonders.

To book Lord Two-Head to perform
at YOUR event email us now.

(The Really Creepy One)
In mud splattered, blood stained overalls, fresh from digging around in the cemetary, The Henchman will lurk in the dark corners of your event looking for victims to follow, investigate or just grab!

With a wonderful way of unnearving people he'll spread both screams and laughs around your guests.

An ideal entertainer for spooky evenings and places with dark corners.

To book The Henchman to perform
at YOUR event email us now.

We also have these other Halloween and Horror entertainers available:

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We provide entertainers for events, parties, shows and promotions all over the UK and beyond.

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